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"Ready to Switch" Checklist

  1. Open Boone Bank & Trust Co. Accounts - Checking or Savings.
  2. Make sure all checks have cleared your current checking account.
  3. Confirm enough funds are available in your account to cover automatic payments or outstanding checks that have not yet cleared your old account.
  4. Contact Boone Bank & Trust Co. to discuss auto-withdrawal and direct deposits that are currently set-up on your account. We will assist you in switching over these payments and direct deposits to your new account.
  5. You are now ready to close your old account. Call your former financial institution and determine your closing balance. Write a check on your old account for the final balance and deposit into your new Boone Bank & Trust Co. Checking or Savings account.
  6. When you receive your final statement from your closed account, destroy all remaining blank checks from that account. This is a security measure for your protection. If you prefer, we would be happy to shred them for you at the Bank.

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