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Historical Pics


Boone Bank & Trust Co. is owned by Ames National Corporation (ANC) and is the largest locally owned bank in Boone County. The bank first began in 1883 making us one of the oldest banks within the ANC organization. In 1883 the bank was organized under the name of Boone County Bank. The bank operated until 1911 when it was sold and renamed Boone State Bank. In 1925 the bank took over the assets of the Boone National Bank and in 1930 acquired the assets of the failed Farmers State Bank increasing the size of the bank considerably. In April 1933, when all banks in the nation closed for the "Bank Holiday", Boone State Bank was one of four banks in Boone that reopened. Our name changed slightly to Boone State Bank & Trust Company. In 1991 the bank was purchased by ANC, and the name changed again slightly to Boone Bank & Trust Co.

We are committed to serving the financial needs of our customers and the community. Our success over the years is evidenced by our growth; the first published statement of condition back in 1886 disclosed total assets of more than $165 thousand. Today we manage assets of more than $150 million. Our success has been the result of dedicated employees and excellent customer service standards.

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