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Online Banking

Online Banking

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Take control of your Boone Bank & Trust Co. accounts anytime with our Online Banking Services. With Online Banking, you can access your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere. All information is password-protected and includes enhanced login security, so you can be confident your account is secure.

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Online Banking

With Online Banking, you can bank where you want, when you want!

  • Check balances and transactions.
  • Transfer funds.
  • View account information, including checking, savings, CDs, and loans.
  • Reconcile your accounts with daily updates, before your monthly statement arrives.
  • Download information directly into specific versions of Quicken® software.
  • Open new accounts and apply for loans from the comfort of home.
  • View statements online - it's safe, secure and environmentally friendly.
  • Pay bills online.
  • Set up email alerts.
  • View check images.
  • Activate Purchase Rewards retailer offers to earn cash back when you pay with your debit card.
  • Protected with Enhanced Login Security.
  • Money Management™ takes offers account aggregation and budgeting tools.

View a demo of the Online Banking service here.

Online Bill Pay

Boone Bank & Trust Co.'s Online Bill Pay is the smart and simple way to manage your monthly bills. Pay anyone you would normally pay by check at your convenience, on your computer or mobile device. Your payments are sent with a simple click of the mouse. No checks, no envelopes, no stamps, no hassles, no fees! Just a simple payment system for all of your bills.

  • Pay bills without writing checks.
  • Schedule future payments.
  • Pay recurring bills automatically.
  • Review payments at any time.
  • View history of payments

Online Statements

Your statement can now be immediately available to you through Online Banking.  To enroll, simply login to your online banking, and click on the "Statements" tab.  Once you accept the disclosure, you will have immediate access to view your statements online!

  • Immediate access to your statements.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Automatically saves your statements and they are easy to retrieve.
  • 3-Year history available.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • View check images for all checking accounts.

Money Management™

Money Management™ takes online account tracking and budgeting to the next level and puts your financial goals within reach.

  • Manage your finances in one place. View your complete financial picture across many financial institutions, including your credit cards, 401k, or other retirement accounts.
  • See where you're spending your money. Money Management™ automatically categorizes your expenses, or you can create your own categories.
  • Set your financial goals and monitor progress. Track your budget through a simple, online tool.
  • Control your financial life. Experience the future of complete money management.
  • It's FREE! It's easy to use and accessible within Online Banking.
  • Learn more here!


Boone Bank & Trust Co. offers exclusive TurboTax® access, right inside your online banking page!  Simply login to your Online Banking, and click on the "Manage Money" tab to locate TurboTax®.

  • Your Boone Bank & Trust Co. account data can be uploaded securely into your tax return to help ensure accuracy and save time.
  • When you use TurboTax® year after year, your data will pull in automatically from the previous year's return to make filing even easier.
  • TurboTax® Federal Free Edition allows you to prepare, print and e-file simple federal returns - at no cost to you!
  • TurboTax® offers discounted pricing for other filings when you access TurboTax® from your Online Banking account.

Purchase Rewards

At Boone Bank & Trust Co., we understand everyone wants to save money; we make it easier by allowing your favorite shops and restaurants to give you cash back!  Activate offers presented either through Online Banking or your Mobile Banking app. 

  • Once offers are activated, use your Boone Bank & Trust Co. debit card in stores or online to make purchase.
  • See cash back deposits in your checking account at the end of the next month.
  • This rewards program is based on how you currently shop, so the offers you receive are relevant to you. The more you use your Boone Bank & Trust Co. debit card, the more chances you have to receive offers.
  • This program is free, making it easy for you to earn rewards. This rewards program is just another benefit of using your Boone Bank & Trust Co. debit card.
  • Learn more here!

**There’s no limit on the number of offers you can redeem or the amount of money you save. You must join the Purchase Rewards Program and agree to the Terms & Conditions. You can opt-out of the Rewards program by clicking on the “Opt Out” link on the bottom of the rewards summary page.

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