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Thank you for upgrading your account to get rewarded! We'll take care of all of the rest. Please know that your account number, automatic withdrawals, direct deposits, and debit card - everything will remain exactly the same, except now you can begin earning rewards.

You will receive an email confirmation as well to review your changes.

Reminder: If you upgraded your account to Simple Cash Back or Interest Rewards and you don’t already have Online Statements, please remember to sign up prior to the end of your statement cycle to avoid a paper statement fee of $3 plus tax. Click Here to learn more about Online/Mobile Banking and how to sign up for Online Statements.

Statement End Dates:

Simple Cash Back – 10th of the month

Interest Rewards – 15th of the month

Premier – 20th of the month

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Boone Bank & Trust Co.
Phone: 515-432-6200

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