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Scam of the Week: Post-Shopping Scams

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 in Privacy & Security

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Because cybercriminals are just getting started. There are thousands of shopping-themed scams this time of year, but those scams don’t end when your cart is empty. Cybercriminals continue to target shoppers with urgent phishing emails about their recent purchases.

Two common post-shopping scams are fake shipping delays and unexpected purchase confirmations. Typically, these scams include a sense of urgency designed to catch you off guard in the hopes that you will click impulsively. You may be directed to click a link for tracking information or download a receipt for an expensive order that you did not place. These emails can be alarming, but if you take your time, they are easy to catch.

Use the tips below to spot post-shopping scams:

  • If you are expecting a package and receive a related email, look for details such as the order number, purchase date, and payment method.
  • If you receive a notice from a retailer, don’t click any links in the email. Instead, use your browser to navigate directly to the retailer’s official website and look up your order there. 
  • Remember to stop and look for red flags. For example, see if the email was sent outside of business hours or lists prices in a currency that you don’t typically use.

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