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Scam of the Week: Linktree Link Scam

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 in Privacy & Security

Linktree is a landing page service where businesses and individuals can list multiple links on one page. This service is often used on social media for quick and easy access to multiple webpages. However, cybercriminals can also use Linktree to host malicious links to try to steal your personal information.

In a recent scam, you get a notification that a file has been shared with you by someone you know, but it’s actually a cybercriminal in disguise. This notification prompts you to open the file through a link. If you click the link, you’ll be redirected to a legitimate Linktree page that contains a fake Microsoft 365 link. This link will take you to a login page that prompts you to enter your Microsoft credentials. Once you share this information, cybercriminals can use it for their malicious purposes.

  • Follow the tips below to stay safe from similar scams:
  • Never click a link or download an attachment in an email that you weren’t expecting.
  • Be cautious before you enter your online credentials. Verify that the login page is safe and legitimate.
  • Make sure that the sender is actually who they say they are. If the sender claims to be someone you know, reach out to them in person or by phone to verify.

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