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Scam of the Week: An Early Tax Reminder From the IRS

Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 in Privacy & Security

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently held the eighth annual Security Summit. The IRS concluded the summit with a reminder to stay alert during the upcoming tax season. Specifically, they warned taxpayers and tax professionals to watch for phishing and smishing scams. 

Tax scams aren’t specific to the US. Around the world, cybercriminals are readying their phishing emails and text messages (smishing). Handling your taxes is often a difficult task. So, bad actors use this sensitive topic to catch your attention or manipulate your emotions. 

Follow the tips below to stay safe during tax season:

  • Know what to expect from your local revenue agency. For example, in the US, the IRS typically contacts taxpayers by mail, not email or text. 
  • Always think before you click. Cyberattacks are designed to catch you off guard and trick you into clicking impulsively.
  • Use extra caution when handling tax documents. For digital documents, use password protection. For physical documents, keep paperwork in a secure location and shred anything that is no longer needed. 

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