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Shazam Bolt$ allows you to be alerted of activity on your debit card immediately. 

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You can set up alerts as emails for various types of debit card activity.  Since you are the one conducting activity with your card, you will be aware of fraudulent activity right away; so you can call the bank and put a stop to fraud right away.

Register your Boone Bank & Trust Co. Debit Card with Shazam Bolt$ today by visiting their website here.  To access the Shazam Bolt$ user guide, click here. First time users should click the "New Mobile Card User" button to register.

You can automatically receive email notifications anytime for:

  • Card not present transactions (mail/phone/internet orders)
  • International transactions
  • Transactions that exceed a dollar amount you establish
  • Potentially fraudulent transactions

iPhone and Android users can sign up directly through the Shazam Bolt$ app found in the App Store and Google Play.

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