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Estate and Trust Services


The concept of probate has confused people for years. A knowledgeable, impartial partner can assist you through the maze of probate law and requirements. To ensure that your assets are handled efficiently and effectively after your death, you can name Boone Bank & Trust Co. as executor, co-executor or alternate executor in your will. If someone has named you as executor, you can seek to either have Boone Bank & Trust Co. named as co-executor or appoint us as agent to manage assets during the probate period. Our bonded professionals provide the experience necessary to guide the estate through the complicated waters of probate. Furthermore, as a corporate fiduciary, we can offer the objectivity that may be needed but is often missing from a family member.

Our staff would be pleased to discuss your estate planning goals with you. We would be happy to work with you and your attorney in drafting a will that meets your individual needs and objectives. We will also work with your family and beneficiaries to carry out your wishes and the needs of the next generation.