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Additional Products and Services

Telephone Banking

Touch Tone Teller

Bank by phone 24 hours a day seven days a week.

(515) 224-8395


Now you can get account information and transfer funds with your touch tone phone - from your home, office, or cell phone - any time it's convenient for you.

It's simple to use and completely private. Just call the special local or toll-free Touch Tone Teller number. You'll be prompted to enter your Bank Location Code. Your code number is "2". Then just follow the voice instructions you'll receive.

Identity Verification

In order to verify your identification, please have your account number and the last four digits of your social security number ready when you call Boone Bank & Trust Co.'s Touch Tone Teller. You may use your social security number as your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or you may elect to choose your own PIN. After you enter your social security number, the next menu will give you the option to establish a new PIN. Once you have your new PIN, you will no longer need to enter the last four digits of your social security number.

First In Service

Here is a listing of services available through your Boone Bank & Trust Touch Tone Teller option:

Checking or HIFI Money Market

  • Account balance
  • Verify specific checks cleared
  • Amounts/dates of last 10 checks or withdrawals since last statement
  • Amounts/dates of last 10 deposits since last statement
  • Interest information


  • Account balance
  • Amounts/dates of last 10 deposits since last statement
  • Amounts/dates of last 10 withdrawals since last statement
  • Interest information


  • Current Value
  • Interest information


  • Current principal balance
  • Payoff amount
  • Amount and date of last payment
  • Amount and due date of next payment
  • Interest information

Transfer funds

  • From savings to checking or HIFI Money Market
  • From checking to HIFI Money Market or savings
  • From HIFI Money Market to checking or savings
  • Loan payment from checking, savings or HIFI Money Market

If you have questions regarding the Touch Tone Teller service from Boone Bank & Trust Co., please call us at (515) 432-6200 during regular business hours.

Boone Bank & Trust Co. Touch Tone Teller
(515) 224-8395