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Additional Products and Services




Debit and ATM Cards


With our convenient bank cards, the power of Boone Bank & Trust Co. is always in your pocket. Simple to use and completely safe, our ATM and debit cards are perfect for everyday expenses and easy transactions.


Debit Cards

Having a Boone Bank & Trust Co. debit card means you have a cash equivalent when you need it. It's faster than a check and easier than a credit card - each transaction is tied back to your bank account, without the interest you might face from a credit card. And they're accepted anywhere a MasterCard®  is, so you can use it worldwide, over the phone, or online.

  • If a merchant accepts MasterCard®, they'll accept your Boone Bank & Trust Co. debit card
  • Works at any ATM with a Shazam®, Cirrus®,or MasterCard® logo
  • Detailed transaction information appears on your monthly bank statement
  • No transaction fees
  • Debit card has an annual fee of $12. Other banks may charge a surcharge for ATM use.

ATM Cards

  • Gain quick, almost-anywhere access to your bank account. Take a peek at your balance or make a transfer to another account. With an ATM card, you can manage your bank accounts from any ATM in Iowa, or any Cirrus® or Shazam® ATM worldwide.
  • No transaction fees
  • No ATM surcharges at Boone Bank & Trust Co. or Privileged Status ATMs
  • Accepted at any ATM that displays the Cirrus® or Shazam®  logo worldwide
  • ATM card has an annual fee of $5. Other banks may charge a surcharge for ATM use.


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Debit and ATM card fees waived for Preferred Checking with Gengold® Members. Click here for more information.