Trust and Financial Management Questionnaire

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1 Do you currently have a loved one who has trouble getting bills paid or who may be easily taken advantage of in the wrong situation and you are unable to efficiently handle these matters for them?
2 Do you worry about making sure your finances are handled appropriately in the event you should become mentally or physically incapacitated with age?
3 Have you become widowed and find that you have no idea what investments you have or what to do with the assets your spouse once managed?
4 Are you unsure of the investment advice you have received and want to make sure your investments are safe and suitable for your specific needs?
5 Have you recently received a large inheritance and are unsure what to do with it now?
6 Have you recently become the executor of an estate and have no idea what your new role entails?
7 Are you currently dealing with an attorney regarding an estate and feel the assets are not being utilized during the estate's administration?
8 Are you currently caring for a child with special needs and want to ensure that their needs are met in the event something should ever happen to you?
9 Are you worried your children or grandchildren may not spend their inheritance responsibly after your death?
10 Do you want to ensure that your children under the age of 18 are properly taken care of with access to their inheritance?
11 Would you like to make gifts to your children and grandchildren to save estate taxes?
12 Are you concerned with helping grandchildren with college expenses while saving money on income taxes at the same time?
13 Are you concerned about low interest rates and generating enough income to live comfortably off of retirement funds?
14 Are you nearing retirement and unsure how to take distributions from your retirement assets?
15 Are you concerned about the government taking a large share in taxes of the hard earned estate you intended for your children after you die?
16 Do you want to make sure your estate's assets are not held up in probate for months or years incurring excessive probating expenses after you die?
17 Are you unsure whether you should have a "living trust" or not?
18 Would you like to leave money to your favorite charity when you die?
19 Are you considering selling your farm but would like to avoid paying a large capital gain tax by utilizing a 1031 exchange?
20 Would you like to leave a business to your children without hurting your present income or having to pay a lot of taxes?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider contacting your trusted advisor for more details.
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